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Until Death Do Us Part

Love through all the moments.

By Kennedy Doskocil

Savanah and Bertin Reynoso were just like any couple, in love and looking forward to the future

when Savanah was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and they found how strong their love was.

The couple met through mutual friends and family while Savanah was away at college. The two are both from Mcgregor, but Savanah was living in San Marcos attending Texas State and Bertin was home working.

The couple stayed together and moved to Mcgregor together once Savanah graduated from Texas State with her BBA in Management.

Two years later, Savanah discovered a lump while in the shower and Bertin told her she should show her mom. Previously having a cyst in the same area, the two were hopeful of it not being worrisome. Within two weeks, the spot grew and she was referred to a specialist in Waco.

“I actually had a good experience,” Savanah said. She claims younger girls she talked with have been blown off and not taken seriously due to their ages.

Early in the week Savanah went in for an ultrasound and said once those results were back they rushed to get a biopsy within the same week. The following week the results came in. Savannah called Bertin immediately.

“They're not good,” Savanah tells Bertin when he asks about the results.

The couple both questioned what to do next.

In the beginning, doctors thought Savanah was Stage 3 until they discovered previous scans were only partial scans and needed to be re-done. Doctors then informed Savanah there were more lumps than originally found.

She was then diagnosed with Stage 4, which is a lifelong diagnosis.

At the time, the couple was not married. With bills coming in and Bertin’s work schedule, it left Savanah going to doctor's appointments alone. Bertin voiced feelings of being on the back end of everything and how it was hard for him.

“It scared us both,” Savanah said “there for a while it was just like we didn’t know how to navigate this new life of ours . . . It was a lot of fear”

As life began to get more complicated Savanah told Bertin he could leave and that this new life situation was going to be hard.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Bertin told Savanah.

Bertin showed his commitment to Savanah and staying by her side by giving her a Christmas light proposal, as she loves Christmas time and the joy it brings.

Savanah notes that it was a good feeling knowing Bertin wanted to stay but was afraid he would get hurt later and she did not want that for him.

As Savanah went through treatments, doctor visits, and a double mastectomy, Bertin was there through it all.

“I told my mom, it was like falling in love with him all over again,” said Savanah “because who chooses to stay during a time like this?”

With the couple being so young, Savanah was unsure of what life would end up like. She says it got harder, but their love grew with each uncertainty.

She said they focused on communication, even though it was hard.

“It’s a lot of conversations we didn’t think we’d have,” Savanah said, “it’s hard conversations we’ve had to have.”

Through those hard conversations, Savanah and Bertin realized the life they wanted was together - whatever that may look like.

The two began their journey through life, getting engaged and looking forward to being Mr + Mrs while fighting each day for their relationship and Savanah’s health.

Savanah seeks optimism from moments like Bertin being given off work random days and able to attend treatments alongside her.

“It’s been a lot of sacrifice between us two,” Savanah’s said “we can’t just do things together all the time”

It’s a lot of staying at home, which is different than what they got to see everyone else go through noted Savanah.

Savanah was charted as No Evidence of Disease, for 2 years. Then in December of 2020, during the pandemic, more spots were found and the two had to go through the process again.

Savanah is currently traveling to Houston every 4 weeks for a clinical trial treatment.

The couple got married March 19th, 2022, and to their surprise, were granted a dream wedding by local Central Texas vendors.

Holly Perez of Jack and June Photography met Savanah at a bridal show and said she was just someone you couldn’t forget. Perez searched her online profile and found out about her diagnosis.

“You would have never guessed she was going through that upon meeting her, I knew instantly I had to do something to help,” Perez said.

Perez then gathered local vendors to surprise Savanah and Bertin.

Vendors were eager to contribute their services for free or largely discounted in efforts to give the couple their dream wedding. The couple was taken aback by the goodness these vendors were giving them in beginning their life together.

Months later, Savannah was still in shock at the way the community came together to serve her and Bertin’s beginning of life together.

Starting off with a design experience in Celebrations Rentals, owner Diane Roepke said Savanah’s mom could not believe the joy within Savanah the day of choosing rentals, noting they hadn’t seen her smile in quite a long time.

“It just went to my heart, I have a family history of breast cancer. We just wanted to be involved right away,” Roepke said.

Diana Castaldi of Diana Marie Makeup Artistry was able to provide hair and makeup services for Savanah on her wedding day.

“Savanah’s transformation into her bridal look was extra special. She absolutely lit up and you could tell she loved how she looked, but it was so clear that she was radiating pure joy.” Castaldi said. “I hope to give other brides that same feeling."

Blissful films’ parent company had been previously working on a documentary project for pediatric cancer. “It’s funny God sent us Holly,” Kara of Blissful Films said.

When Perez reached out to ask if they would be interested in collaborating for Savanah and Bertin, Blissful films felt blessed for another outlet to serve those battling cancer.

Savanah and Bertin are overwhelmed with the grace and love they were shown in the journey of becoming Mr + Mrs. The couple hopes in sharing their story is that others will be encouraged to let love win through the toughest of battles.

“It was literally a dream, I can’t express how I felt on my wedding day,” Savannah said. “I previously had wondered what if I don’t get to see my wedding day.”

With the stage 4 diagnosis, Savanah will never be fully cleared, but the couple is seeking to trust in the goodness they’ve been given and live out their marriage in commitment to one another.

The Reynoso’s are currently taking life day by day, but have hopes to one day start a family noted Savanah.

“I can’t believe we are husband and wife!” Savanah said.

The Book of Beautiful Weddings is honored to be able to capture Bertin and Savanah’s love story.

“This is what it’s all about, I believe so deeply in the community we’ve built,” The Book of Beautiful Weddings owner Hayley Sanders said.

We are excited to feature all the following vendors who chose to be a part of Savanah and Bertins love story, thank you for choosing to let love win.

Services provided at leisure to couple

Hair and Makeup - Diana Marie makeup artistry

Bridesmaids' hair - Sarah Ridling

Decor/Rentals - Celebrations Event Shoppe

Photography - Jack and June Photography

Coordinator - Everlasting Designs

Floral - Laurel + Finch

DJ + Photo Booth - Smither Productions

Venue - Knoxville Ranch

Invitation Suites - CMDesigns

Videography - Blissful Films

Catering - Sascee’s Southern Style Eatery

Dress - Georgio’s Bridal

Cake - Cuppiecakes


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