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Covid Cake Hack

It's no secret that Covid-19 has disrupted all of our daily lives, but unfortunately it has disrupted the world of weddings in really unexpected ways. Wedding cakes are one of our favorite parts of a wedding. Cakes should be used as a focal point of the reception and can show so much personality and tell a story. The possibilities really are endless. With the rise of Covid, many venues are following the guidelines by not allowing the wedding cakes to be sitting out (along with all other food items). We realize this is a total bummer so we came up with a fun way to still make your wedding dreams come true.

We think it's a shame to have to hide your gorgeous cake and miss out on your cake cutting photos so we recommend having a dummy cake. Yes, you read that right, a dummy cake. A dummy cake is a fake cake made out of styrofoam with real icing. It looks just like a real wedding cake and is Covid guidelines approved! Talk to your baker about having a dummy cake with a sheet cake in the back for catering to cut and serve out of the kitchen. Your planner can carry your dummy cake to the kitchen so no one would ever suspect that it wasn't a real cake. Your baker can leave a real slice of cake in the back of the dummy cake for the two of you to "slice your cake" and get that precious wedding day moment.

Have no fear, dummy cakes look amazing and no one will be able to tell! Did you know that EVERY shoot in The Book of Beautiful Weddings uses a dummy cake?! That's right! ALL of our magazine shoot cakes are fake! I bet we fooled you didn't we? :)

Here are a few examples of dummy cakes created by our favorite local bakers.

(Lily's Cakes - Snap Honey Studio)

(All Sugar'd Up - Shelly Taylor Photography)

(Morgan Pearl Cakes - Samantha Kaye Photography)

See what we mean? Your guests would have no idea these beautiful cakes were made of styrofoam. We hurt for all the brides having to make drastic wedding changes due to Covid-19 but hopefully with this little cake hack, you can still have the cake of your dreams!

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