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Styled Stationery

The Book of Beautiful Weddings publishes nothing short of beautiful. That’s why with every styled shoot published in our magazines, we share the best of the best bridal tips, tricks and inspirations brought to you by some of the best vendors in Central Texas.


When planning a wedding, picking out your stationery should be fun and creative, not overwhelming and stressful! To make your wedding planning experience lovable and carefree, The Book of Beautiful Weddings put together our top four tips that future brides will need to be aware of while selecting their stationery.

1. Style: Did you know that your invitations set the tone for your wedding day? The invitation card is the first thing your wedding guests will see after opening up the envelope. It is important to develop the style of your wedding early. Are you having a formal and elegant wedding? What about whimsical and carefree? Or even rustic shabby chic? Whatever your plans are, your invitations should be a clear representation of what your guests should expect!

2. Quantity: Making your guest list can most definitely be a process. The good news is, you don’t have to send a wedding invitation to EVERYONE on your guest list. You can avoid the extra costs of invitations if you take the time to guests house-holds. For example, Families should receive one invitation. Adults, 18 and older, who are living at home and/or living elsewhere should receive their invitation.

3. Reply Stamp: Need an RSVP? Well, don’t forget the reply stamp! As silly as it may sound, it can be very easy to be swept up in other wedding details and forget to include the RSVP details. If you are wanting your reply cards back, make sure to put a stamp on the back of the reply envelope or on the back of the postcard. This avoids your guest(s) paying a small fee when mailing it back.

4. Order Extras: Mistakes happen! Why not take action sooner? It’s always best to order extra invitations, postcards and/or envelopes! Having to re-order can be very costly and it is recommended to order at least 25 extras over your final address/household list.


- Invitation Card: ONLY ceremony information; who’s hosting, names of the couple, what are you inviting them to, date, time and place. Make sure your fonts are legible for all guests to read.

- RSVP: The guests' opportunity to reply. This should be a separate card from the invitation.

- Postage: A postage should be on the back of the envelope or the back of the postcard for those who want to RSVP.

- Response Return Address: This address should be up-to-date to the person who is keeping track of the guest list. This should be placed on the back of the envelope.

- Mailing Envelope: Guest addresses should be neatly written or professionally printed. Pro Tip: Dark colored envelopes are beautiful but light-colored writing/printing will require additional costs.

- Monograms: It’s time to customize your wedding invitation! Get creative and design your own wedding brand.

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