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The Book of Beautiful Weddings publishes nothing short of beautiful. That’s why with every styled shoot published in our magazines, we share the best of the best bridal tips, tricks and inspirations brought to you by some of the best vendors in Central Texas.


Like stated above, The Book of Beautiful Weddings strives to keep our lucky brides updated with the newest tips, tricks and trends of the year. As we enter the last half of 2019, we have four top trends that are making waves in the bridal world. Keep your eye out for these stylish embellishments when planning your perfect day!

1. Color: This is one of the first questions you'll need to answer when planning your wedding. Color always sets the tone! In fact, bright colors are making a comeback this year. No matter what season you plan to have your wedding, there will always be a joyful color for you! We will always love the soft romantic hues, but we are ecstatic that bright colors happen to be the cheerful trend of 2019.

Let's not forget about the monochromatic color scheme! What is it? Well, monochromatic is a color scheme based on one solid color. This scheme uses a variation of the sole base color.

*Fun Fact: What is the color of the year you ask? Well Color Me CORAL! We are in love with this vibrant Pantone Color.*

2. Organic Florals: More florals and less greenery? We will definitely be seeing more organic floral arrangements as we continue through 2019. Not only will we be seeing more florals, but we will also see florals taking on fun and creative shapes. This is called "textured arrangements." Not only is this style of floral romantic, but is also stunning and unique.

Featured: Dani Cowan Photography, Taylor Bible Weddings, Wildly Cultivated, Georgio's Bridal, Be.You.Tiful Salon and Highpointe Estate.

3. Balloon Installation: Well, Balloons are on the rise! No pun intended. Why not add some child-like whimsical charm to your event with a pop of color. We are loving this fun way to add excitement to your special day. Add some joy to your wedding today for picture-perfect entranceways or even bright photo areas!

Fun Fact: Here in Central Texas, we have the perfect place for y'all to order your balloons! It's a must ... check out Balloon Decor by Gloria!

4. Natural Centerpieces: It's time to bring the outdoors in! Why not have the best of both worlds? By incorporating some of nature's beautiful elements to an indoor event space, you'll be sure to "branch out" and try something new. Some elements to consider are succulents and cactus! You heard it right.... PLANTS PLANTS AND MORE PLANTS!

The Book of Beautiful Weddings can get your connected with the best wedding vendors in Central Texas! Visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to receive more information on how to make your event nothing short of beautiful!

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