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Posh Events

Every single bride should be hiring an event planner, or at the very least, an event coordinator. Planning makes your wedding easy and stress-free and offers design services for a cohesive, memorable experience for your guests. Let a planner help you enjoy your special day! Posh Events is one of our favorites:

At Posh Events, our team is as distinctive as our weddings. Posh Events is a boutique planning + design company that specializes in styled weddings for the discerning couple. We take pride in offering a refreshing approach to wedding planning and event design for seekers of something unique and personal!

We work closely with and hand select only top quality wedding professionals, help with event design, day of details, and so much more. Our Full Service Wedding Planning and Design includes assistance with hiring event professionals, negotiating contracts, and addressing every little detail that arises when planning your wedding. In addition, we will work to help you develop your overall design theme creating a unique and personal event. Each wedding from Posh Events is custom-tailored to each bride!

For more information or to contact Posh Events, visit her profile on The Beautiful Weddings Network at

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