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Real Wedding Wednesday: Shelley & Ryan

Shelley & Ryan

November 26 | The Palladium | Magnolia Silos | Waco, Texas | Rachel Whyte Photography

Who doesn't love a visit to the Magnolia Silos? The images of Shelley and Ryan from Rachel Whyte Photography at the famous downtown Waco location and the gorgeous Palladium reception which followed are absolutely stunning. Ruskus, eucalyptus, black and white anemones, garden roses and sweet astilbe were used in beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres from Wolfe Florist. Flowers also topped the lovely buttercream cake baked by our favorite Waco baker All Sugar'd Up. Florals are a cost-effective way to add color to delicious buttercream-iced cakes, and roses in particular stay fresh all night long.

Beautiful Network Featured Vendors:

Rachel Whyte Photography | Wolfe Florist | All Sugar'd Up

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