Davello Photography


Artists and memory catchers and lovers of love. We are married with (maybe too many) adorable children, a ridiculous sheepadoodle named Captain Elliot Cupcake, and a love of adventure.
Mike is the main photographer, a digital hipster, using his experience and knowledge from when there was nothing BUT film to produce outstanding images in today's modern world of digital. Calm under presser he's the coordinator's favorite because he rolls with the punches, manages the time timeline and gets amazing images along the way. He's also the funny one.

Brynn says 'DUDE' way too much. Lives for In-N-Out. In charge of all the memories that make their way back to the studio. She backs them up in several different places (it's safer than Gringott's or maybe Hogwarts around here), edits hundreds of them, sprinkles a little faerie dust and hands them off to the Postman.




Central Texas

Photography and Videography


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