Starting at a young age I often found myself creating in the kitchen or digging through cookbooks. It always felt natural, fun, and safe. As time marched on so did the complexity of what I was baking. During high school I took an interest in decorated cakes but started off slow with cookie cakes. I was always looking for an excuse to bake and worked on recipes every chance I got. Slowly this grew into traditional decorated cakes and later to double-tiered ones just for close friends and family. College upped the ante because all my friends were starting to get married and they were asking me to do their weddings! I never dreamed this could be a reality but quickly found it to be my niche. I spent years doing cakes at no cost simply to learn. Since being self-taught this was their gift to me and mine to them. I'm forever thankful for those beautiful brave souls who took a risk on me! They along with my family have been the best cheerleaders I could ask for. In my final bit of college I had the opportunity to work for one of Lake Charle's finest bakeries. I ended up staying there for nearly two years as my confidence, consistency, and skills were refined. Since then I've been doing weddings professionally with deep passion and great joy! I firmly believe that every cake should tell a story while tasting as excellent as it looks.




Central Texas

Cakes and Sweets


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